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Re: Xwpe on Solaris

> I'm trying to use xwpe-1.5.20a on a Sun Sparc Ultra 2, whit Solaris 2.5.1
> and olvwm like windows manager, it appears to compile quite fine, but when
> I try to run it, i got this message:
> Xwpe: all colorcells allocated, exiting ...

Well, it means, that you are running a program, which allocated all
color cells, like netscape, gimp, a vrml viewer, etc. And unfortunately 
the  color allocation routine in xwpe is not perfect. Actually I would 
say, that xwpe is not "aggressive" enough, because it can loose colors 
as well if you start another color intensive application. So one 
"solution" is to quit the other application.

If the UltraSparc came with a Creator 3D or Elite 3D graphics card, 
then you can set X Window to 24 bit color scheme (true color) and that
solve your color problems. (Solaris never does this for you, you
have to set it.)