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Re: customization

On Fri, 29 Oct 1999, Dennis Payne wrote:

> CUA style should be used by both if you had it set.  Hmm... let me if
> you fix the problem.

Yep. Removing the old config fixed the color problem.

> > Maybe you could change the #defines into gobal variables

> Hadn't thought of that.  Wouldn't be very useful though unless the
> menus displayed the proper keys which would take some effort.  I think
> I'd rather rewrite the whole keyboard handling.

Ah damn, the menus. Xwpe is frustrating; it's an editor with lots of
potential, but it's so badly designed and coded that developing it is
painful. No wonder the original author decided to drop support. :)

> Yes the code is awful.  None of the computer science courses I took
> ever really required you to modify someone else's code.

Here at Tampere University of Technology, Finland, we have courses
that require team work, so you need to make sense out of other
people's code.

> I wonder if maybe computer science courses should keep a collection
> of poor designed buggy just to train students.

Why should they - there's plenty of it available in the internet.
Undoubtedly xwpe would make a fine example. :)

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