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Re: customization

> > In looking through the source I noticed that CUA style closes one window
> > with Alt-x.  Check Options->Editor and make sure you are using old style
> > keys. 
> Ah, maybe this option (in addition to using a config file from an
> older version) is the culprit. I'll try doing it all from scratch and
> we'll see what happens.

CUA style should be used by both if you had it set.  Hmm... let me if
you fix the problem.

> Too bad. Buy hey, all the keys are #defined, right? Maybe you could
> change the #defines into gobal variables, initializing them with the
> default values and then change the config file routines so that the
> keymap can be "patched" by using config file directives (kind of like
> xmodmap). Sounds like a kludge, though. ;)

Hadn't thought of that.  Wouldn't be very useful though unless the
menus displayed the proper keys which would take some effort.  I think
I'd rather rewrite the whole keyboard handling.

> > (Found the stupid bug that caused the compiler and debugger to only
> > run once.  In e_p_exec (we_prog.c) add "ret = 0;" after the while loop.
> > I hate one line mistakes.)
> Nice one. Doesn't trying to make sense of all that terrible looking
> code make your head hurt?-)

Yes the code is awful.  None of the computer science courses I took
ever really required you to modify someone else's code.  I think this
is a flaw in the teaching of computer science.  Looking over xwpe and
other people's code have improved my programing IMHO.  I wonder if
maybe computer science courses should keep a collection of poor designed
buggy just to train students.

Dennis Payne