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Re: customization

On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Dennis Payne wrote:

> Easy to fix.  Just look at the function e_prog_switch in we_prog.c.
> (Plus you'll probably want to change the menues.)

Got it, thanks.

> It doesn't mean kill in X though.  When I used fvwm I didn't have it
> configured to use alt-F4. 

In my fvwm2 it means kill. I was talking about customization, not
globalization. :)

> Xwpe, wpe, xwe, and we all use the same key commands.  With the exception
> that xwpe and wpe have additional key commands for the programming
> features.

Hmm.. Actually I find a lot of inconsistency between the x and text
versions as well as the two modes. I don't have xwpe handy at the
moment so I can't give you examples, but they're there.

> First what version are you running?

I'm using the .20a downloaded from the web page. I just installed the
system from scratch and I have never run make install, so I shouldn't
have any other versions/compiles floating about.

> In looking through the source I noticed that CUA style closes one window
> with Alt-x.  Check Options->Editor and make sure you are using old style
> keys. 

Ah, maybe this option (in addition to using a config file from an
older version) is the culprit. I'll try doing it all from scratch and
we'll see what happens.

> > Anyway, how about making the key bindings user customizable via the
> > config file?

> I'd love to have something like that.  Unfortunately key board handling
> routines are scatered about.  There is no easy way to add the feature.

Too bad. Buy hey, all the keys are #defined, right? Maybe you could
change the #defines into gobal variables, initializing them with the
default values and then change the config file routines so that the
keymap can be "patched" by using config file directives (kind of like
xmodmap). Sounds like a kludge, though. ;)

> (Found the stupid bug that caused the compiler and debugger to only
> run once.  In e_p_exec (we_prog.c) add "ret = 0;" after the while loop.
> I hate one line mistakes.)

Nice one. Doesn't trying to make sense of all that terrible looking
code make your head hurt?-)

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