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Re: customization

> F9: compile
> CF9: compile and link
> SF9: compile, link, run.

Easy to fix.  Just look at the function e_prog_switch in we_prog.c.
(Plus you'll probably want to change the menues.)

> Exactly my point. That's why I want xwpe NOT to bind anything to
> alt-f4, because in X it means kill and in text mode it just flips to
> virtual console 4. Having to press esc f4 is too clumsy.

It doesn't mean kill in X though.  When I used fvwm I didn't have it
configured to use alt-F4.  It did however, use ctrl-arrowkeys for
virtual screens.  Basically it would be impossible to find a key
configuration that is good for every setup.

> Xwpe has two modes: text editor mode (when run as we or xwe) and
> programming mode (when run as wpe or xwpe). These modes behave
> differently. Text editor mode has no syntax hilighting and doesn't
> have programming related stuff in the menus. BUT in addition to that
> the modes have different key bindings for stuff that should be common
> in both modes!

Xwpe, wpe, xwe, and we all use the same key commands.  With the exception
that xwpe and wpe have additional key commands for the programming

> > Alt-x should exit if you are editing a file in xwpe or xwe.
> It should? Then why the hell doesn't it? It did in some previous
> versions, but not anymore. Where did all this inconsistency come
> from?

Don't know.  First time I've heard about any inconsistency in key
commands.  First what version are you running?  In looking through the
source I noticed that CUA style closes one window with Alt-x.  Check
Options->Editor and make sure you are using old style keys.  (There was
a bug with the handling of that in 17a but it shouldn't cause it to

> Anyway, how about making the key bindings user customizable via the
> config file? That would be great if I install xwpe on a multi-user
> system where different users have different preferences.

I'd love to have something like that.  Unfortunately key board handling
routines are scatered about.  There is no easy way to add the feature.

(Found the stupid bug that caused the compiler and debugger to only
run once.  In e_p_exec (we_prog.c) add "ret = 0;" after the while loop.
I hate one line mistakes.)

Dennis Payne