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Xwpe on Solaris

Forward from pulpo@gorgona.univalle.edu.co:


I'm trying to use xwpe-1.5.20a on a Sun Sparc Ultra 2, whit Solaris 2.5.1
and olvwm like windows manager, it appears to compile quite fine, but when
I try to run it, i got this message:

Xwpe: all colorcells allocated, exiting ...

Another question: I've ran xwpe-1.5.19a on Linux and it runs fine, but
when I use the trace in option for debuggin, it doesn't see like I hope,
what I mean is that the red line at the beggining of the trace in is
always the first line of the file NOT the first line of the program, does
anybody know why? and how can I fix it?

If somebody can help me I really apreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

Julian Villegas.