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Re: Xwpe on Solaris

> I'm trying to use xwpe-1.5.20a on a Sun Sparc Ultra 2, whit Solaris 2.5.1
> and olvwm like windows manager, it appears to compile quite fine, but when
> I try to run it, i got this message:
> Xwpe: all colorcells allocated, exiting ...

This is caused when you are running X in 256 color mode and other
applications have used up all the colors.  If you're running netscape
that's probably using the entire color map.  In the case of netscape it
has a -install command line option that runs in a private colormap.  If
you can't free up enough colorcells you can run 'xwpe -pcmap' which runs
xwpe with a private colormap.  Alternative you can try to set xwpe to use
the same colors as your window manager or other programs but I don't
know olvwm well or what other programs you're running so you're on your
own there.

> Another question: I've ran xwpe-1.5.19a on Linux and it runs fine, but
> when I use the trace in option for debuggin, it doesn't see like I hope,
> what I mean is that the red line at the beggining of the trace in is
> always the first line of the file NOT the first line of the program, does
> anybody know why? and how can I fix it?

Are you trying to debug a project or only a single file?  What gdb
version are you using?

Dennis Payne