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Re: Replace, Deplicate, Destroy

On Sat, 24 Apr 1999, Dennis Payne wrote:

> The following message bounced because Pedro used a slightly different
> address for posting.  (I wish the spam protection wasn't needed.)  I've

Sorry for this, the whole sendmail system has been reinstalled. I hope it
is right now. :-)

> Replace and duplicate should be removed.  (If you don't I will, unless of
> course a group starts lobbying to keep them.)
> As for projects, I'm not sure.  I remember dealing with a program that
> did that and found it extremely annoying when converting from a Makefile
> because I kept having to go to add.  I will admit though when I have
> used projects under xwpe I did expect it to go away.  (If we could
> select multiple files using shift/ctrl I definately agree with it.)

Yes, multiple selection would be nice :-), but at the moment I don't think
it would be easy to implement.

So here is an update, what I have done:

- Save as window does not close when moved
- Replace/Duplicate has been removed from the file-manager, buttons have
been layed out nicely (IMHO)
- Shift+TAB works for X Window version and terminal version for Linux
- program does honour _all_ the file-manager options, (e.g. delete
wastebasket at exit, prompt for deletion, etc.)
- wastebasket code cleaned up, inconsistencies are removed, but the whole
code might need some more attention
  (e.g. the following is fixed 
- open file manager -> close -> open wastebasket -> close -> open
file manager -> and it shows some strange things in the file and dir
panel during this process)
- several memory problems have been eliminated (some of them were causing
heavy memory leaks)
- code is heavily documented, a little bit restructured. Relevant
structures are documented as well.

Questions and requests:

- Please report any other strange behaviour with wastebasket. (Be careful
while you are experimenting. Under some conditions the old code might
simply delete the file instead of saving it.)
- How about this ? When you are in the wastebasket file manager, you
cannot leave that directory going to parents or outside, only to subdirs.
- When there is no edited file the Save as file manager should not come
up. ?
- Since the "duplicate" button has been removed, now the file manager is
not sensitive to the Alt+U key combination and when pressed it activates
the "Run" option from the "Run" menu (same key). In general, do we want
the file manager to do this ?? Or it should respond only to valid key
combinations inside the file manager and keys which allow to leave it.
This is the question with the project file adding file manager as well.
While you are inside of it, you cannot switch to other windows at all. You
cannot even quit the program with Alt+X.

Any other request for the file manager ???