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Re: xwpe bad color in X mode

> I have experienced similar things, the other way around, I think.
> I configured Xwpe's colors for X, and when I go to console mode, the colors
> are all fsck'd up.  Apparently the X color specs don't convert well to
> console color specs.  I think that in a future release, the two color
> preferences should be kept separate.

Actually they are kept seperate.  If you look in ~/.xwpe/xwperc you will
find "[Color/Term]" and "[Color/X11]".  In earlier version I believe there
was a problem in that one version would load both color specs and the other
would load only one.  So if you saved with the second version the other
color spec could have anything.

> The other possible problem is that KDE may be trying to apply its colors to
> Xwpe.  There is a checkbox somewhere in the kde control panel to disable this
> behavior, although I don't remember where it is (I currently use WindowMaker with
> kfm running).

Xwpe FAQ:

Dennis Payne