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Re: xwpe bad color in X mode

I have experienced similar things, the other way around, I think.
I configured Xwpe's colors for X, and when I go to console mode, the colors are
all fsck'd up.  Apparently the X color specs don't convert well to console color
specs.  I think that in a future release, the two color preferences should be
kept separate.

The other possible problem is that KDE may be trying to apply its colors to
Xwpe.  There is a checkbox somewhere in the kde control panel to disable this
behavior, although I don't remember where it is (I currently use WindowMaker with
kfm running).

Finger wrote:

> I have Red Hat 5.2 linux with Kde 1.1final and i have installed xwpe 1.5.15a-1
> both X and console relase, the problem is with the X relase, in fact if i try
> to start up th program the main window of xwpe appears with many different
> color and  cannot use it.
> what is the problem ?
> thaks in advance