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Xwpe 1.5.17a

The latest version, xwpe 1.5.17a, is now available from the xwpe
web site and has been uploaded to metalab.unc.edu.

As some may have noticed I've started using dulsi@identicalsoftware.com
instead of payned@rpi.edu.  This is because RPI may be changing the
address to payned@alumni.rpi.edu.  Alumni web pages will also be no more.
I haven't decided what to do about the xwpe web site yet.  I think the
computer science department would host it if I asked but I'll probably
want my own space for other things anyway.

* Fixed X windows argument bug.
* Now defaults to 8x13 font when non-fixed width used.
* Incorporated Pedro's memory bug fixes and menue code cleanup.
* Also incorporated Pedro's file-manager cleanup.

Dennis Payne