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Re: gtk-config and xwpe

Nickolaus Klepp sent the following:
> Maybe you could help me:
> I tried to get xwpe to compile gtk programs. I'd need to change the
> cpmpiler flags in the project options menu to 'gtk-config --cflag' and
> linker options to 'gtk-config --libs'. the ' have to be included - and
> that's my problem, xwpe removes ' bevor doing a compile. and more 
> crutial for me: I couldn't figure out in the sourse code where the ' are
> removed. Any idea?

Hmm... interesting problem.  I checked it out and it isn't that it is
removing the ' characters.  Instead of using a shell such as bash to run
gcc it is doing it directly through the use of fork and execvp.  The
shell is what does the ' execution while execvp just sends them as two
unusual arguments.  I don't know of a good quick fix.  It's possible a
quick hack could be done to call a shell instead of gcc.  Another
possibility is to make a shell script that calls gcc and set that as
the compiler.  (Unfortunately I've mentioned that as a fix to the
continuous '-c' problem and no one has gotten around to making a shell
script that can detect the compile and link phases.)

e_exec_inf does the execvp call.  It is called in the e_comp function.
Both functions are in we_prog.c.  (Ugh.  It communicates through a file.)

Dennis Payne