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File manager 2.


Well, I am still working on the file manager. A couple of more bugs have
been fixed:

- error checking for all system functions
- error checking for all memory allocations
- symbolic links work "perfect". Every file manager can handle it
properly. File and directory symbolic links as well. It can be turned off
with #define NOSYMLINKS. In wastebasket mode if there is a symbolic link
in the wastebasket and the user changes to that directory it is not
allowed. The reason behind is, that in that case the user gets out of
the wastebasket and any file deleted by the user then is gone for good.
Here the only question at the moment is, that xwpe itself does not create
symbolic links for directories, it always copies. Should it create
symbolic links ?????
- If the user works in xwpe, switches to shell, deletes the current
directory, there is no panic, xwpe will switch to the home directory.
- Basically the same is true for the wastebasket. If it is not available,
error message pops up, but the program should proceed without any further
- At the moment I am working on the part, which handles the situation,
when the current or shown file is got deleted by an outside process and
xwpe should not crash.
- There were some bugs with OSF (DEC Alpha) and AIX OSs which has been
fixed hopefully.
- Further clean-ups, renaming of functions, documentation. :-)

Any other comment, request, strange behaviour ???