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Re: status of xwpe-alpha

At 02:34 AM 9/5/00 +0200, you wrote:
>what about sourceforge.net ? it provides CVS, mailing lists, bug tracking
>and more ...

Dennis, this may be a decent idea.  I'd be for something like this.

>If rewriting, it will be better to do in C, it can be extended into C++

Actually, that is not true.  A program written in "true" C++, that is 
object-oriented, is what I was thinking of.  Unless you go the X-style 
route and write your own form of objects...  Programs written in C may 
compile under C++, but that does not make them C++ programs, since they 
don't take advantage of all that C++ has to offer (STL, etc.).

I think what I really meant was to rewrite Xwpe as an object-oriented 
project.  For the code to truly stay alive and be expandable, I believe 
that is required.

>easily. Java is good for platform independent things which xwpe really isn't.

Yeah, but I use Windows for some things, and it would be nice to have a 
consistent editor.  I do most of my work in Java now, so...  The truth is 
that I doubt that idea would fly really well, but I thought I would mention 
it.  I truly would like to see a C++ version of Xwpe.

>I prefer C even in portability things, coz Java is as portable as
>interpretor is ... but that is really for another debate :)

One I won't start here.  :)

>I think nowadays is nobody really interested in IDE, because different
>people have different needs and such one big thing can't do it all.
>It's unix tradition, to have many one-purpose utils, combining them
>together is really powerfull, and you can replace any of them if
>you want (ls | grep is better than ls with grepping function).

True--I use Makefiles, for example.  That's why I generally don't use 
Xwpe.  What would be nice, however, is if Xwpe spat out autoconf and 
automake Makefiles.  This would truly be useful.

>Allright, i'll attempt to do the major rewrite of it, and if i fail,
>someone else can succeed (in Java,C++,...), so at least i try :), no
>damage can be done (to xwpe of course, i don't know how killable this
>will be for my psychic :) ).
>Jan Dvorak <johnydog@go.cz>

Have fun, and good luck!

Dennis may chime in here, as he was looking at trying to do a 
reorganization of the source code to try and make it more readable.  You 
might better serve the project by continuing down that path, rather than 
starting from scratch.


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