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status of xwpe-alpha


what is current development status of xwpe-alpha ? it seems that mailing
list are for months dead or with wely low traffic, last version is old,
(only few patches for major bugs are available) and there is no CVS so 
it is difficult to make some patch/improvement/work on xwpe, if i don't
know if someone made this before. As i looked into sources (1.5.23a),
they are really messy (WpeHandleFileManager() has over 1000 lines, 
files have cryptic names (we_fl_unix.c - is this unix specific ? it has
declares for DJGPP :) ) and so on .. I think xwpe needs first real
major rewrite of code before even thoughs about features (although
CVS builtin support for example would be great). From my angle of
view xwpe is ideal example of BBoM (Big Ball of Mud). However, its good
editor at least for me (better than any else), and i can't let it silently
fall to dust.

Jan Dvorak <johnydog@go.cz>