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Xwpe SpellCasting

I was looking over a patch that was submitted for xwpe.  One of the
changes was to make the title bar for X Windows be "WPE IDE".  That
modification isn't going in but I noticed that the current title bar
is misspelled.  Environment is missing the second 'n'.  Version 1.4.2
has the correct spell but my first release doesn't.  Must of copied
it incorrectly when moving functions to WeXterm.c.

Unrelated code note, xwpe has a structure CNT, which contains the
various settings and an array of all the windows.  Since all windows
have a pointer back to the CNT and most functions are passed the CNT or
the active window, the variable didn't need to be global.  Well, that's
what I thought anyway.  It turns out that the global h_error variable
is used to pass the CNT when needed.  (Besides that the h_error variable
is useless.  It has another member "sw" but it isn't used.)

Dennis Payne