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Re: FAQ Update

Dennis Payne wrote:
> > The FAQ has been updated slightly.
> [From FAQ]
> > Update: Xwpe now supports several other extensions for certain file
> > types, by default. This is done through the simple technique of
> > repeating the information in the syntax file. However, if you wish to
> > use other extensions, the advice below remains correct.
> Um... No.  Take a look at the syntax_def with 1.5.23a.
> ...
> 6
> .C .cc .cpp .cxx .h .hpp
> 73
> and and_eq asm auto bitand bitor bool break case catch
> char class compl const const_cast continue default delete
> ....
> If instead of a number is encountered instead of period and extension,
> it means the syntax applies for the following number of extensions.
> I don't think any of the documention talks about this currently.
> Dennis Payne
> dulsi@identicalsoftware.com

how hard would it be to get xwpe to recognize a filetype by another means
besides .ext ?

I am working heavily with a database system call filePro lately, and the
filenames for database application source code are prc.something,
prc.somethingelse, prc.another  etc...

I suppose I could work around this by creating a wrapper that detects a prc
table file and renames it to blah.prc and creating a syntax def for ".prc".
it wouldn't really work though except for the simple case where some other
file manager runs xwpe and loads the one file.  

ideal would be something like what midnight-commander and xfm has, where you
can specify either a shell expression, a regex expression, or a recognition
by the "file" command. 

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