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Re: X buffer

FYI the other method of doing cut & paste in X is with XSelectionEvents.
I'm looking into possibly adding them to xwpe.  (Already removed some
inefficiency from the event handling.)

> using IRIX 6.5.. Beside that, my xwpe
> has problems, if my compiler complains too much. When I have loads of
> errors, the first time it's o.k., but if I try to recompile it, and there
> are still errors in it, it just crashes 
> (Xwpe: unexpected signal 10, exiting ...) 

Bus error.  "Not good.  Not good.  Faries bad." (from Wizards)
Can you comment out the "sigaction(SIGBUS,..." line in we_unix.c?
Then load up the core file ('gdb /path/to/xwpe core') and get me the
stack trace ('where').

> This is reproducable, but happens only if the window of xwpe is bigger
> than a certain size (circa 126 columns per line)
> Moreover, my xwpe cannot handle lines longer than 123 characters
> correctly. Does anyone have the same problem ?

The max column code is hokey in my opinion.  I try to stay away from the
limit as a precaution.  (I've avoided debugging the buffer handling code
because I'd like to rip it out and replace it.)

Dennis Payne