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Re: X buffer

On Sat, 11 Dec 1999, Dennis Payne wrote:

> Bus error.  "Not good.  Not good.  Faries bad." (from Wizards)
> Can you comment out the "sigaction(SIGBUS,..." line in we_unix.c?
> Then load up the core file ('gdb /path/to/xwpe core') and get me the
> stack trace ('where').

Sorry, Denis, I'm going on holiday for xmas tomorrow, so I'll do the stuff
next year, o.k.? 
Anyway, this is just happening, when the actual number of
columns exceeds the limit given in options > editor. 
But, if you want some work for  xmas...
When I'm working a long time with the same xwpe session and using quite a
few files, at one stage, my console complains 'too many open files', even
when I've closed all windows but one. Thus, xwpe seems to compile my code,
but in fact it doesn't (which was quite annoying the first time, because I
couldn't understand why my code didn't improve, although I've changed it!)
Maybe this is due to my configuration, don't know.
Anyway, have a merry christmas and a happy new year!