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Re: X buffer

(Christof, xwpe's spam protection kicked in.  Only subscribed addresses can
send messages.  So C.Hanke@qub.ac.uk can post messages but
christof@titus.phy.qub.ac.uk can't.)

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Brian K. White wrote:

> does anyone else have problems cutting & pasting between xwpe and other
> apps?
> I suspect my X installation, not xwpe really, although, I don't have a
> problem with other apps.
> symptoms:
> can cut & paste normally between xwpe windows within the same instance
> of xwpe,
> (using the xwpe buffer)
> cannot cut/paste from/into xwpe from/into other x apps using the X
> buffer.
> not by explicitly using the menu or by using the usual mouse buttons for
> copy & paste, including xwpe-1.4.2 and the last 4 versions.

Hi there !

I'm new to this mailing list and listening to it quite a while, I think
xwpe is a good tool and I'd like to see it getting better (and help you
if I can)  I'm having exactly the same problem with the cut and paste
using IRIX 6.5.. Beside that, my xwpe
has problems, if my compiler complains too much. When I have loads of
errors, the first time it's o.k., but if I try to recompile it, and there
are still errors in it, it just crashes 
(Xwpe: unexpected signal 10, exiting ...) 
This is reproducable, but happens only if the window of xwpe is bigger
than a certain size (circa 126 columns per line)
Moreover, my xwpe cannot handle lines longer than 123 characters
correctly. Does anyone have the same problem ?
There are some other things which do not work correctly (debugger wouldn't
start) But I save this for another mail...

Thanks and bye,


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