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Re: Xwpe 1.5.21a

> In the last couple versions make fails for me because someone removed
> the tests in the install target for preexisting target directories, and
> when mkdir fails, make fails immediately without copying the files to
> their destinations.
> This is on SCO 5.

All vendors should use GNU tools so that I don't have to deal with this.
Guess I'll switch back to using ifs.

> btw: is it just me or is "-1 for none" broken or otherwise a falsehood
> wrt "column for comment to end of line" (the very last field in a syntax
> def, which everyone seems to have set to 1000 for every language, me
> included now)

I noticed that as well when I was doing stuff with that.  Should have
updated the doc.  Guess that falls under known bug 3. :)

* Documentation hasn't been updated.

Dennis Payne