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syntax_def for qbasic

updated syntax_def for basic/qbasic at

I didn't have the const-char quoting character (') defined and so a line
like this:

made the whole rest of the file look like a quoted string until the next
" showed up and after that xwpe had a backwards idea about what is
inside vs what is outside the quotes. :)

corrected the line-continuation character even though qbasic
specifically states it doesn't support it, although it does
recognize & ignore it for the purpose of compatibility with other basics
(I had the line-continue character from BBx in there, which although it
is a Basic, has it's own syntax_def so it doesn't need to be here.

also I set better numbers for those last three fields in a syntax_def

btw: is it just me or is "-1 for none" broken or otherwise a falsehood
wrt "column for comment to end of line" (the very last field in a syntax
def, which everyone seems to have set to 1000 for every language, me
included now)

Wish I could dream up a way to use the preprocessor color in basic...