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new version of xwpe for OS 5.0.5 at 


I wouldn't normally consider each single release a big deal, but in this
case a fairly sneaky and unpleasant bug is fixed.
previously, xwpe always saved any file you worked on with the user:group
ownership of the user doing the editing.
This is a big problem on SCO if root uses xwpe as a text editor to edit
system config files.
For example: edit anything in /usr/lib/uucp, and try not to panic when
uucp & ppp stop working.

This version fixes that, and for that reason alone is important to me.
Also there is a small addition that lets the built-in man-page reader
'see' those .Z man pages SCO has. Although not the html pages.

Simpler compile instructions in README.SCO

of course there are non-sco-specific fixes too, including a file-handle