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Re: Xwpe 1.5.21a

Dennis Payne wrote:
> Xwpe 1.5.21a is now available from the web site:
>   http://www.identicalsoftware.com/xwpe/
> From the CHANGELOG:
> 1.5.21a
> * Added Mark Spieth's patch to fix some zoom stuff and remove the file
>      handle leak.
> * Added Matej Vela's patches to the makefile and fix for e_mk_info_path.
> * Fixed the bug in running the debugger and executable.
> * Heavily modified Brian's path to make projects store relative paths.
> * Modified compile, make, and run keyboard commands to Turbo C bindings.
> * Added part of Brian White's SCO man page fix.
> Dennis Payne
> dulsi@identicalsoftware.com

In the last couple versions make fails for me because someone removed
the tests in the install target for preexisting target directories, and
when mkdir fails, make fails immediately without copying the files to
their destinations.
This is on SCO 5.

current makefile, which doesn't work:
mkdir -p $(MANDIR)/man1

what I did to make mine work, before looking into the old distributions:
[ -d $(DESTDIR) ] || mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)
[ -d $(XWPELIBDIR) ] || mkdir -p $(XWPELIBDIR)
[ -d $(MANDIR)/man1 ] || mkdir -p $(MANDIR)/man1

old makefile, which also worked: (probably the most portable method as I
didn't test mine beyond getting xwpe installed.)
if test ! -d $(DESTDIR); then  mkdir $(DESTDIR); fi
if test ! -d $(LIBDIR); then  mkdir $(LIBDIR); fi
if test ! -d $(XWPELIBDIR); then  mkdir $(XWPELIBDIR); fi
if test ! -d $(MANDIR); then  mkdir $(MANDIR); fi
if test ! -d $(MANDIR)/man1; then  mkdir $(MANDIR)/man1; fi