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[Fwd: Syntax selection]

Sorry Mark, I accidently sent this to you instead of the list.
                                                          James M.
                                                          aka "Dart"

Mark Loftis wrote:
>     It's nice to see the scrolling change in 1.5.5b .

I only see 1.5.5a on the page, did I miss something? 

> Since this was my first contribution of source code to
> a software project, I was a little un-sure of it's
> relevence and/or quality. Anyway enough humility, 

I gotcha beat here, I know basic C++ and diddly bout C. Right now I'm
just a tester. :=) Would this be the proper time/place for a buglist or
should I send it to Dennis for verification/editing first?

>    The current method of matching syntax definitions to file
> names uses only the part of the file name after and including
> the last '.' , in other words the files extension.
>    I've hooked in a regex library by Henry Spencer and a #define
> _USE_REGEX_ which allows regular expression matching against
> the file name instead.

I was looking into making the syntax matching work with whatever is
entered in Options Menu-->Compiler-->Whichever Compiler--> file-postfix
variable. I can see where color-coded makefiles would be nice though.  

> Mark Loftis <mloftis@lanminds.com>

BTW...I did some tinkering with different types of files and mistakes
last night and the Debug-->Success-->Debug-->Mistake-crash bug is
definately fixed.
                                                          James M.
                                                          aka "Dart"

"I'm not one of those who think Bill Gates is the devil. 
I simply suspect that if Microsoft ever met up with 
the devil, it wouldn't need an interpreter."
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