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Re: Bug Hunt

> Would this be the proper time/place for a buglist or
> should I send it to Dennis for verification/editing first?

Either way works.  There is a list of known bugs in CHANGELOG (actual
it appears to be a list of know bugs so I guess you could add spelling
to the list).  It also doesn't have the zoom bug listed (try zoom when
no windows exist).

> >    I've hooked in a regex library by Henry Spencer and a #define
> > _USE_REGEX_ which allows regular expression matching against
> > the file name instead.

Regex does not appear to be on my system.  May have to fix that.
Just so you know this may not be integrated in right away.  High on
my priority list right now is setting up a working configure script.
(After the simple one works I can have it check for unusual libraries.)

Dennis Payne