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Bugs not in the Changelog

A couple things I have found while poking around:

   "Remove" in the File manager window doesn't work correctly. I
highlight the file to be removed, hit the remove button and my mouse
cursor switches to my "wait" cursor then nothing. File manager does not
remove the file. You can select other files for editing but the "wait"
mouse icon remains. I am running as root and xwpe is owned by root so
permissions shouldn't be an issue.

   Syntax highlighting--I belive Mark was seeing the same thing that I
was. G++ takes the following extensions as valid c++ files, `.C', 
`.cc', `.cxx',  `.cpp', or `.c++'. However xwpe only recognizes `.C'
therefore it won't highlight files with any other extension.
   This is why I wanted to use the Options menu-->Compiler-->Whichever
Compiler -->FilePostfix variable to trigger syntax highlighting. This
way whatever extension the user wanted would work correctly.
   This is not *actually* a bug, simply an example of restrictive
coding...highly annoying though. Most C++ files (KDE for example) use
.cpp for an extension. I've hacked mine to recognize .cpp but this is
hardly a viable alternative and no better than the original coding.

I'll look for more bugs this weekend.
                                                          James M.
                                                          aka "Dart"

"I'm not one of those who think Bill Gates is the devil. 
I simply suspect that if Microsoft ever met up with 
the devil, it wouldn't need an interpreter."
                                          -Nicholas Petreley-