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Re: Bugs not in the Changelog

>    "Remove" in the File manager window doesn't work correctly. I
> highlight the file to be removed, hit the remove button and my mouse
> cursor switches to my "wait" cursor then nothing. File manager does not
> remove the file... [snip]
How unusual it works for me.  What option are you using for remove (see
Options menu->File-Manager)?

>    Syntax highlighting [snip]
Actually you can have xwpe recognize all valid c++ extensions.  In
/usr/local/lib/xwpe/syntax_def (or ~/.xwpe/syntax_def), you can copy
the c++ definition and just change the .C to .cpp, .cc, .cxx, etc.
This does waste some memory (currently .h is like that).  I have
though about having extension for the came syntax but haven't done
anything about it.

Dennis Payne