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Re: [Fwd: Syntax selection]


Why would you need regular expression parsing?  Do you have a specific use
in mind where the file extension would be insufficient?

Kenn Flynn

>>    The current method of matching syntax definitions to file
>> names uses only the part of the file name after and including
>> the last '.' , in other words the files extension.
>>    I've hooked in a regex library by Henry Spencer and a #define
>> _USE_REGEX_ which allows regular expression matching against
>> the file name instead.
>I was looking into making the syntax matching work with whatever is
>entered in Options Menu-->Compiler-->Whichever Compiler--> file-postfix
>variable. I can see where color-coded makefiles would be nice though.  
Kenn Flynn -- flynnk@rpi.edu -- http://www.rpi.edu/~flynnk