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Syntax selection

Hello all,

    All right! The mailing list is up and running.

    It's nice to see the scrolling change in 1.5.5b . 
Since this was my first contribution of source code to
a software project, I was a little un-sure of it's
relevence and/or quality. Anyway enough humility, I've
got another change which has turned out to be very usefull.
   The current method of matching syntax definitions to file
names uses only the part of the file name after and including
the last '.' , in other words the files extension.
   I've hooked in a regex library by Henry Spencer and a #define
_USE_REGEX_ which allows regular expression matching against
the file name instead.
   Using this feature I can now define a custom syntax for any
file or group of files (Like custom colors for makefiles).

   What's the best way to submit additional patches to the
project? Should I send it to the list or directly to you(Dennis)?
	Mark Loftis <mloftis@lanminds.com>