Chapter II: Five Centuries of Turmoil

The Colonial Years

They lost their gods, they lost their smiles,
They cried for help for the last time,
Liberty was turning into chains
But all the white men said
That's the cross of changes.
- Enigma, "Silent Warrior"

The War of Independence

Sólo le pido a Dios
que la guerra no me sea indiferente,
es un monstruo grande y pisa fuerte
toda la pobre inocencia de la gente.

/I only ask of God
/that war be not indifferent to me,
/it's a great monster and it trods heavily
/over all the people's poor innocence.
- Mexicanto, "Solo le pido a Dios"

Independent Mexico: a Century of Turmoil

Mexicanos al grito de guerra
el acero aprestad y el bridon
y retiemble en sus centros la tierra
al sonoro rugir del cañon

/Mexicans to the war cry
/make ready the steel and the bridle
/and may the center of the earth tremble
/with the thunderous roar of the cannon.

- Mexican National Hymn

The Porfiriat

The Revolution

Y si Adelita se fuera con otro
la seguiria por tierra y por mar
si por mar en un buque de guerra,
si por tierra, en un tren militar.

/And if Adelita ran away with another,
/I'd follow her over sea and over land,
/if over sea, in a warship,
/if over land, in a military train.

-"Adelita", popular Revolution song