Digital Fortress: Living Jungle

The Living Jungle was a campaign setting used by the RPGA at one time. It is a very different style of game than a regular Dungeons and Dragons game. Unfortunately they killed the campaign after 3rd edition was created. The yahoo group is still somewhat active and converting the game to 3.5. If you have an interest in the setting I suggest joining the group. If you plan to play an adventure at a convention, do not read the adventure.


NameFormat2nd Ed.3rd Ed.3.5 Ed.
Living Jungle CampaignpdfX  
Jungle Bookpdf X 
Inhabitants of the Jungle 3.1pdf X 
Tribes 2.12pdf X 
Frog Katangadoc X 
Choosing a Race (Unoffical)doc  X
Feats (Unoffical)doc  X


NameFormat2nd Ed.3rd Ed.3.5 Ed.
Once BrokenpdfX  
Once Broken CertificatespdfX  
Curse of Fire MountainpdfX  
Death from AbovepdfX  
Death from Above CertificatespdfX  
Death from the MistspdfX  
Sharp Teeth, Mostly TastypdfX  
Sharp Teeth, Mostly Tasty CertificatespdfX  
Ships from the SkypdfX  
Ships from the Sky CertificatespdfX  
Huroola ProphetpdfX  
Huroola Prophet CertificatespdfX  
Masks of the Dohi-ripdfX  
Masks of the Dohi-ri CertificatespdfX  
On the Lookout!pdfX  
On the Lookout! CertificatespdfX  
Quest for the Snake MotherpdfX  
Quest for the Snake Mother CertificatespdfX  
Terror from BelowpdfX  
Terror from Below CertificatespdfX  
Soulless ShupdfX  
Soulless Shu CertificatespdfX  
To Catch a Feathered ShupdfX  
To Catch a Feathered Shu CertificatespdfX  
Trembling VillagepdfX  
Trembling Village CertificatespdfX  
Courage of a CowardpdfX  
Courage of a Coward CertificatespdfX  
Monkey CitypdfX  
Monkey City CertificatespdfX  
Necromancer's StonepdfX  
Necromancer's Stone CertificatespdfX  
Sickness CertificatespdfX  
Sound of SilencepdfX  
Forgotten FatherpdfX  
Web of DestructionpdfX  
Web of Destruction CertificatespdfX  
Dark VillagepdfX  
Legacy of the HeadshrinkerpdfX  
Legacy of the Headshrinker CertificatespdfX  
Shu Fly, Don't Bother MepdfX  
Shu Fly, Don't Bother Me CertificatespdfX  
Shadows of SinpdfX  
Shadows of Sin CertificatespdfX  
Mama Needs Her New Pair of ShupdfX  
Mama Needs Her New Pair of Shu CertificatespdfX  
Come the TigerpdfX  
Herd CertificatespdfX  
Infection CertificatespdfX  
Curse of the Lizard KingpdfX  
Curse of the Lizard King CertificatespdfX  
An Army of One ThousandpdfX  
An Army of One Thousand CertificatespdfX  
Come the Lionpdf X 
It Came from the Skypdf X 
Day of the Saru - Part 1pdf  X


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