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[Seahorse Adventures Screenshot]

May 5, 2020: Seahorse Adventures

by Dennis Payne

The python community had been converting from python 2 to python 3 for over ten years. Starting with Fedora 32, much of the python 2 infrastructure was removed. This included an unmaintained game called Seahorse Adventures. The original developer had moved onto other projects. Without someone stepping up to update the code, it had to be removed.

[Marvellous Inc. Screenshot]

Dec 13, 2019: Marvellous Inc.

by Dennis Payne

The Open-Source Community group on Steam had a list of open source games on steam. That was how I stumbled on Marvelous Inc. The game was described as "a zachlike coding puzzle open-source game." A coding game sounded interesting but I had never heard of zachlike.

[Alchemy Quest Screenshot]

Sep 4, 2019: Alchemy Quest / Open Alchemist

by Dennis Payne

I had never heard of Open Alchemist when I was approached to join a project to make modifications to it. The game itself wasn't something I would normally play. The closest game I had played for any significant time was Puzzle Quest. Self imposed deadlines for other project would be negatively impacted. However a good two player puzzle game would be a great addition to the arcade machine.

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