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What is it?

Open Game Source is a web magazine devoted to open source game development. It started as an idea of a game developer's magazine that focuses on games that include source code. Early in the history of personal computers, computer magazines regularly included source code to interesting little things. This would be something of a return to that era. Picture a combination of Dr. Dobb's Journal and Game Developer.

The site is run by Dennis Payne. Kenn Flynn and David Payne serve as volunteer editors.

When is it published?

Articles are published when available.

Why don't all articles have a comment system?

Older articles have been left unchanged. New articles are written in a content management systems which includes a comment system. At some point the older content might be moved over.

Why a physical magazine?

Business plans for open source products generally focus on providing support and other services. These business models don't work well for games. With a magazine devoted to open source game development, developers could support further development by writing articles.

The reason for a physical magazine as opposed to an electronic magazine is simple. I believed profitable physical magazines are easier. I'm less certain of the truth of that assumption now. Making either models profitable is still a considerable task. Since I prefer programming to business, Open Game Source is likely to remain a profitless hobby for the moment.

Feature Ideas

In The Beginning: Focusing on how to start creating a computer game.

Rogues Gallery: A column on the endless series of rogue-like games.

Net Yaroze: (This may be impossible since Sony's license doesn't allow very much information to be released. This could perhaps be expanded to video game systems so that it could include new games people have made for emulators.)

How can I help?

I'm willing to collect information on the interest in such a magazine. Specifically, I need the following information:

Send information and comments to Dennis Payne,

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