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[Alchemy Quest Screenshot]

Sep 4, 2019: Alchemy Quest / Open Alchemist

by Dennis Payne

I had never heard of Open Alchemist when I was approached to join a project to make modifications to it. The game itself wasn't something I would normally play. The closest game I had played for any significant time was Puzzle Quest. Self imposed deadlines for other project would be negatively impacted. However a good two player puzzle game would be a great addition to the arcade machine.

[Arcade Machine Screenshot]

Aug 21, 2019: Arcade Machine

by Dennis Payne

My son's cub scout den built an arcade machine. The internals were an old computer. The television for graphics and sound were donated. The machine was shown off at the Blue and Gold dinner and we intended to use it for recruiting.

Given that we wanted two player simultaneous games. That way we can have more people actively playing than a solo game. Ideally the game should allow someone else to jump in when someone dies so we don't have to wait for the other player to die. As a community service organization, we wanted cooperative games if possible and open source. Everything needed to be controlled by keyboard keys as that is what the X-Arcade controls pretended to be.

[Color Monster Screenshot]

Oct 11, 2018: Color Monster

by Dennis Payne

While on vacation I wanted to work on Color Monster but there was a problem. My wife had taken her tablet but it didn't load some of the sites she wanted to use or at least didn't run well. This led to her stealing my laptop. How do you do development without a computer?

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