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[Scriptmine Screenshot]

Aug 29, 2017: Scriptmine

by Dennis Payne

My son recently attended a "Coding with Minecraft" at the library. The class didn't explain too much about programming. It was more about exposing them to the idea of what could be done. The class showed them how to run functions to build things.

[Bt Builder Editor Screenshot]

Oct 06, 2016: Bt Builder 0.5.12

by Dennis Payne

It's great to start a new project. You don't have any restrictions. No users will complain that you break loading of old save files. No one will complain you removed some feature. Most of the time you don't have that advantage. The code base exists and you need to work with it. Even a new project may have this situation due to libraries or frameworks used.

[Bt Builder Screenshot]

Jul 22, 2016: Bt Builder 0.5.8

by Dennis Payne

With the arrival of Pocket CHIP, I quickly set about building Bt Builder on the new device. Once the system was updated, it was easy to download all the development tools needed. The compiler worked it's magic to convert the source code to an executable. A few seconds latter, Bt Builder started up or at least it should have.

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