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[Color Monster Screenshot]

Jul 8, 2018: Color Monster

by Dennis Payne

Color Monster was a game idea I had back in 2006. The concept was a monster collecting game like Pokemon or Digimon but allowing you to color the creatures. I began prototyping the design as a Java applet with the plan of building an Android game.

[Viobyte Screenshot]

Mar 1, 2018: Viobyte

by Dennis Payne

I learned of the TinyArcade when it was launched on kickstarter. It looked interesting but not enough to convince me to back it. Since playing with the TinyScreen Video Game Kit, I debated picking up the TinyArcade. To my surprise, TinyCircuits played my viobyte game and liked it. They offered to send me a TinyArcade if I would port it to that platform.

[Shrinkgrowrays Screenshot]

Dec 17, 2017: Shrinkgrowrays

by Dennis Payne

My youngest searched for a mod for Minetest to add the Thing from the Fantastic Four. Needless to say no one had created such a mod. I thought about it and figured I might be able to solve the problem. A simple mistake during development led me to discover how to shrink a monster.

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