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[Lady Beetle Screenshot]

February 12, 2023: Lady Beetle

by Dennis Payne

Lady Bug released to arcades in 1981. It was a maze chase game like Pac-Man but with movable turnstiles to allow you to alter the maze. I was never much of an arcade player. I didn't see the reason to keep paying to play a game when you could get a game on a console and play forever. So I never experienced it but a remake for the Love engine caught my attention.

Bernhard Mueller used some work from Cosimo's earlier attempt to recreate the game in Love. The code was very clean and successfully recreated the arcade. I found it odd that the player gets blocked if they are slightly off when taking a turn. That was apparently in the original as well but based on videos I found either it didn't happen as often or the player was better at the game than me.

[Anagramarama Screenshot]

December 18, 2021: Anagramarama

by Dennis Payne

Anagramarama was a polished jumbled letters game. While not my preference in gaming, I appreciated the quality. Unfortunately it's web site was gone. No updates had been made since 2013. There were a few forks on github but those also had little activity. The game could stand as it was but was in danger of being forgotten.

[Inertia Blast Screenshot]

September 19, 2021: Inertia Blast

by Dennis Payne

On the Commodore 64, players enjoyed the game Thrust by Jeremy Smith. I never owned the system nor played the game. When I first installed Linux I stumbled on a remake of Thrust. It was brutally difficult but I enjoyed the game. At the time I ran it under svgalib, an old console graphic system which required root access. Recently I decided to track down this old game.

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