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Re: Xwpe Mouse Icons

> Another request: can you make an option to eliminate all the silly pointer
> icons? Just one icon will do. I always forget if I the hot-spot is in the
> skull or in the bones...

Does anyone like them?  I was just going to add the ability to remove
them but after reading Havoc's article of GUI design:
It occurs to me that I should find out if anyone likes the pointers or
if they should be removed althogether.

Also I'm planning on removing the "File->Add F.-Mng" ability, remove
the "On Open: Close File Manager" option and make it always behave that
way.  The remaining useless command line options (-nc,-nm, etc.) are
potential chopping block victims.

I'm also thinking of merging the X11 and Terminal color options.  That
way if you set xwpe to some color scheme wpe automatically uses it.  Does
anyone like the ability to keep seperate color options?

Dennis Payne