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Some (constructive) reactions on Dennis' message:

> stop itself before exit just disappears.  Since I don't particularly
> like that behavior I didn't remove it.  A better solution in my opinion
> would be to send a terminate signal to the xterm.

I agree. My solution worked but was dirty. Could you please implement your
suggestion to send out that terminate signal in version 28a? I don't
particularly like programs that tend to freeze.

> This is a good example of what I mean.  Except for saving the
> message-string in the config file I never dealt with it.  In figuring
> out the multi line support I wrote a simple test program which I

This explanation clarifies something. You are patching improvements onto
XWPE in a similar manner to the way we do. I thought you were a hard-core
xwpe wizzard and spoke C as your first language. Maybe we can agree that
any of us who works on a particular piece of code, should add comments to
the part of the code that he gets to understand. Such comments can lower
the threshold for others to get a successful look.

>> - Why are there two "run" entries in the menu? (one under "debug" and one
>> under "run")
>Because the "debug" version runs the app under the debugger while the
>other runs directly.  I keep it mainly because I don't trust the debugger
>version.  (I doubt anyone would appreciate me removing the debug version.:)

I just wonder if anyone uses the regular ctrl-F9 run variant. I develop my
code on an IDE and there I only use the debug-mode. As soon as my
application works, I increase my array-sizes with two orders of magnitude
(e.g. simulation of air-flow in the atmosphere) and run the real-life size
program without any debug-info in background-mode with nice-18 to avoid
colleagues from bashing in my door. This compile/run command is issued from
the UNIX-command-line. XWPE is the great help that allows me to find the
errors in an utterly fast manner, implying debug-mode. I just get confused
about the different keys in Borland and XWPE. This is why I would like to
have CTRL-F9 to send the "run-debug" command. Anyone who likes to "just
run" his program can then use the non-Borland key CTRL-F10. But switching
functionality of CTRL-F9 with CTRL-F10 is just my idea...

> Some time ago Brian O'Donnell modified the search/replace dialogs to
> show the current selection.  I found that to be great so I'm not too
> sure I want to change it.  Visual Studio does that I believe but it
> only annoys me.

We'll cook up a nice subroutine that does the trick and send it to you. I
hope you'll agree on installing it as an optional feature.

Another request: can you make an option to eliminate all the silly pointer
icons? Just one icon will do. I always forget if I the hot-spot is in the
skull or in the bones...



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