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Re: new release

> - When you try to quit xwpe while in debug-mode xwpe freezes. I fixed this
> bug and reported the solution (remove a conditional compile) in an earlier
> message to this platform, but it has not been implemented in version 27a.

I suppose I should send out some explanation.  I didn't like it.
The reason it froze was because the "type <Return> to continue" isn't
canceled by xwpe (actualy the "read" command after printing that).
Your solution simply removed it.  Unfortunately an app that doesn't
stop itself before exit just disappears.  Since I don't particularly
like that behavior I didn't remove it.  A better solution in my opinion
would be to send a terminate signal to the xterm.

> - I understand than now life should be easier on me concerning the
> message-string, but it isn't. The sources are poorly commented (=not).
> Please add some comment-lines!!

You are assuming I have better knowledge than the limited comments.
Not really that great of an assumtion.

> Suggestion: give examples
> of the message-string with a corresponding error-message of the compiler.
> In this way we could decipher the string using the sample-error(s).

This is a good example of what I mean.  Except for saving the
message-string in the config file I never dealt with it.  In figuring
out the multi line support I wrote a simple test program which I
included in "xwpe-1.5.27a/tools/".  I learned enough to get file and
line numbers nothing more.  (I'd actually planned on making a more
extensive compiletest that couple support a couple of output modes with
example message-strings but didn't get around to it.)  I will try to
come up with some better examples in the future.

> - Why are there two "run" entries in the menu? (one under "debug" and one
> under "run")

Because the "debug" version runs the app under the debugger while the
other runs directly.  I keep it mainly because I don't trust the debugger
version.  (I doubt anyone would appreciate me removing the debug version.:)
Actually Visual Studio has the same two options but named differently.

> - What about a default-string for both search/replace and for watches such
> that it shows the string under the cursor? (I sent an onset to implement
> this)

Some time ago Brian O'Donnell modified the search/replace dialogs to
show the current selection.  I found that to be great so I'm not too
sure I want to change it.  Visual Studio does that I believe but it
only annoys me.  (Sorry about using Visual Studio for my comparisons but
it is the only other IDE I use.)

Dennis Payne