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new release


Very good that a new release is out but...

- When you try to quit xwpe while in debug-mode xwpe freezes. I fixed this
bug and reported the solution (remove a conditional compile) in an earlier
message to this platform, but it has not been implemented in version 27a.

- I understand than now life should be easier on me concerning the
message-string, but it isn't. The sources are poorly commented (=not).
Please add some comment-lines!! I still cannot figure out what exactly
happens with all the spaces, stars and other symbols in the string. Who is
CMPSTR (sometimes appearing under the name CMPTXT)? What is the syntax of
${PREVIOUS#####}? What is the meaning of ${BEFORE}? Does it imply that
there will be a number printed by the compiler in its output corresponding
with the column of the error? What are the question-marks in the string?
All goes well until the search for the column of the error. I showed my
output in a former message and cannot manage to get xwpe jump to the
column, just to the beginning of the row. HELP! Suggestion: give examples
of the message-string with a corresponding error-message of the compiler.
In this way we could decipher the string using the sample-error(s).

- Why are there two "run" entries in the menu? (one under "debug" and one
under "run")

- What about a default-string for both search/replace and for watches such
that it shows the string under the cursor? (I sent an onset to implement

Still: thanks for continuing the work and keep it up!



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