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Xwpe Message String

Sorry I didn't get to this before going to the GDC.  Ok you have a
Message String like:

${?*:warning:}${FILE}:${LINE}: ^M ${CMPSTR}

Where "^M" are the characters "^" and "M" not a actual control-M.  It
has to be an actual control-M which as far as I can tell is impossible
to enter into the UI.  You can use a control-J as an equivelent or edit
the .xwpe/xwperc and/or project file directly.  The files store the
message string with "\n" ("\" and "n") instead of a control character.
Since I consider entering control characters a stupid solution the next
xwpe will have you enter "\n" into the UI.  (I'll fix the documentation

Dennis Payne