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identicalsoftware.com changes

Seems like my site has been rather static for a while.  In order to
correct such problems I'm decreasing administration overhead through
the use of rsync.  Due to increased disk space the xwpe mailing list
archive (and my other mailing list archives) are moving to
www.identicalsoftware.com instead of the slow identicalsoftware.com.
Also I've switched to using mozilla which means new images will
likely be in png format.  If you notice any problems let me know.
(Actually the xwpe directory is not rsyncing yet but I'll probably
implement that tomorrow.  For those who haven't used it rsync is
a beautiful tool.)

I'll be travelling to the Game Developer's Conference next week so
I'll probably be out of touch.

Arjan, I'll try to respond to your Message-String question before
I go.  I was going to respond to it tonight but after quickly looking
at it I'm not sure what works.  (You might try ^J instead of ^M but
I need to look into it more carefully.)

Dennis Payne