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Re: sources

> Concerning
> the remote-option that we would like to implement (and which Dennis
> apparently does not like): we found that recompiling xwpe on different
> systems does not always give a stable executable.

I do see remote editing as usefull.  My problem is that your suggested
implementation.  I don't remember whether you suggested using an
external ftp program, implementing the protocol or whatnot.  My
preference is to look into using gnome-vfs.  In theory, it abstracts away
ftp, smb, etc. so that everything appears as a regular file.  It
handles the file transfer rather than coding our own for xwpe.
I haven't looked at gnome-vfs so I don't actually know what it can
and can't do but if possible I'd rather improve a library for all
apps than something xwpe specific.

As for remote execution of commands, well I am against that for the
most part.  That doesn't mean I won't accept it but it will take a
convincing implementation and/or cries from users.

Dennis Payne