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Hi Mark,

On my website (see below) you can get the tar-gzipped sources of my
adaptation of xwpe-1.5.26.a. There has not been any major breakthrough, but
with some friends I managed to eliminate some nasty bugs that caused xwpe
to crash on our system. If you diff the files in my sources against the
sources of xwpe-1.5.26a, you'll see that the modifications can be overseen
in a short time. As soon as my friend will have time (he just moved to a
new house) we plan to continue working on xwpe. There is a list of our
wishes in the file "todoeng". Any collaboration is appreciated. Concerning
the remote-option that we would like to implement (and which Dennis
apparently does not like): we found that recompiling xwpe on different
systems does not always give a stable executable. If xwpe would be able to
work on files on a different system, then recompilation would not be
necessary as soon as it runs on 1 system and xwpe would be more versatile.
Anyhow: this is just one of our wishes.


Arjan van Dijk
Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht
Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
Utrecht University
Princetonplein 5
NL - 3584 CC  Utrecht
The Netherlands

phone: +31 30 2532815
fax:   +31 30 2543163
e-mail: mailto:A.vanDijk@phys.uu.nl
homepage: http://www.phys.uu.nl/~vndijk