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Re: where are the most "current" development sources?

> I've noticed there's virtually no traffic on this list.
> Is there any active development?

I haven't done a lot of development recently.  A while ago I did
start working on integrating an old patch that uses some of the
features of ncurses.  For example arrows work correctly everywhere
unfotunately it breaks some debugging features.  (It is only turned
on when NCURSES is defined.)

Arjan van Dijk and friends has been doing some work.  I haven't
had a chance to look at his stuff yet.  (Actually I've been meaning
to respond to his emails.  Specifically I don't particularly care for
his suggestions for adding remote editing and tools.  For remote
editing I'd prefer to look over integrating with gnome vfs.  Remote
tools I just don't like.)

> Accoring to the mailing list archives, 1.5.26a was released on 1/3/2001.
> Is there a more current development tree somewhere? (like sourceforge)

I've put a snapshot of what I have on

I've been using cvs recently for a different project.  I haven't found a
gui I like so don't expect a cvs server in the near future.  (I don't
trust sourceforge to be around forever so I won't switch to it.)

Dennis Payne