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Re: Help !!!!

> My name is Diego, I am trying your xwpe-1.5.24a, and I am having trouble
> using the Debugger. When I tried to use it the message "Could not find
> .../sysdeps/generic/libc-start.x" appears. Do you tell me how I could
> solve this ??.

I do get an error like that when I step past the end.  It is attempting
to trace into the libc source.  Since it can't find it, it complains.
I don't know how to fix it.  I don't really use the debugging features
of xwpe.

> Another things is that when I want to see the OUTPUT Window, the program
> says to me that my system doesn't support the begin/end cup, or
> something like this.

This is how the original author had it.  I don't know enough about
ncurses (or curses) to even attempt to fix it.

> P.D.: Could you tell how I could apply the 'Copy' patch?? My Linux
> experience is not so big......., you can see that !!

Change to the xwpe source directory and run:

patch -p0 <xwpe-copyfix.patch

(If you rename the patch or it is not in the current directory you will
need to adjust xwpe-copyfix.patch appropriately.)

Dennis Payne