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Re: XWPE: I cannot use accents

> I'm a spanish user of Linux (Debian 2.2 Potato) and I like very much the
> XWPE editor. It's the best editor that I have used in console mode! (I
> hate emacs, vi, and any other editors with complex keystrokes).
> I use XWPE 1.5.22a and my problem is that I want to use spanish accents
> in the editor, but I cannot. I have the spanish environment variables
> set and other programs like Less or Midnight Commander (curses based)
> work properly. XWPE should allow characters in the range 128-255 in the
> ASCII table. Can you fix this? Thanks very much for your help.

Every once in a while I get a request for better international support.
I'd like to help out but I haven't had a chance to learn how to do
this in X or ncurses.

(I am going to look at improving it in the near future because xwpe
would stop loading some of the fanwor files when it found a german
character.  But I doubt this will result in much more than loading the

Dennis Payne