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Re: xwpe

On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 02:52:00AM -0400, Kenneth W. Flynn wrote:
> At 04:43 AM 9/13/00 +0200, you wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >i haven't much time last week, so i made only first steps in rewritting.
> >First, i GNUized entire package, added automake etc. I removed nearly all
> >conditional compiling code, assuming that only UNIX X11 version will be
> >functional. This was necesarry because all the code is really messy. Some
> Hey,
> Did you leave in the console version?  While I'm all for removing the DOS 
> version (if any of that is left, I believe Dennis pulled that out), I think 
> one of the great features of Xwpe is that it runs in a console window, 
> which means I don't have to use vi. :)  It is something worth preserving, 
> if possible.

Well yes and no :) I like console version, in fact that i write many of my
programs in mc's internal cooledit. However, i must remove all console
support from xwpe, because it is impossible to keep up working both xonsole
and X11. I am for scenario, in which will be 2 executables, X and nonX,
shared sources, and screen output and other GUI related things will be in
separate files - one for (maybe gtk ?) X, second for (ncurses?) console -
sharing the same naming scheme. This will be hard to do, but it'll allow 
adding support for new (crossplatform?) widgets.

Jan Dvorak <johnydog@go.cz>