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Re: xwpe

Correct!! Absolutly necessary!! I'd have dropped xwpe usage if it 
hadn't the ability to run as multi-window color-editor on the console 
with the same (input-)feel as the nice-looking x11-version does. There's
no other editor like that, but smallish ide for x11 are(!) there, and
for console-only there's still rhide. Downgrading xwpe isn't a good
goal. I know the code is a mess, it was me too to attempt to rewrite 
the stuff so that the codebasis would come to a style that would enable 
further extensions - respect to anyone who gives it another try.

may the power be with you, jan,
-- Guido

"Kenneth W. Flynn" wrote:
> At 04:43 AM 9/13/00 +0200, you wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >i haven't much time last week, so i made only first steps in rewritting.
> >First, i GNUized entire package, added automake etc. I removed nearly all
> >conditional compiling code, assuming that only UNIX X11 version will be
> >functional. This was necesarry because all the code is really messy. Some
> Hey,
> Did you leave in the console version?  While I'm all for removing the DOS
> version (if any of that is left, I believe Dennis pulled that out), I think
> one of the great features of Xwpe is that it runs in a console window,
> which means I don't have to use vi. :)  It is something worth preserving,
> if possible.
> Your project, just my $0.02 ($0.03 with inflation).