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Re: TelePathy

On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 08:45:38PM -0400, Dennis Payne wrote:

> As mentioned by Kenn and others, xwpe has a complex and confusing design.

Agreed. :-)

> It is often easier to stop the symptom than cure the cause.  There are

Well, for the moment agreed, but sometimes it is good to understand the
cause as well, so if somebody comes along with enough time, we can
immediately tell what the problem is. :-)

> 2) How do you know what size to use for the path without getting it first?
> In particular getcwd requires you to specify the max size of the result.

Well, I already implemented in xwpe this sort of thing. As I remember, to
determine the current path I use getcwd. getcwd has a nice feature, which
tells you if the actual path is longer than the space you gave to it. If
this happens I enlarge the allocation. So at most of the places it is
already solved, but I had particular problem with searching file/path etc.
beacuse those variables are used  for several different thing. This is the
reason why I did not dare to change them for the moment and that causes the
reported problem, I guess.

So it is not that complex to implement dynamic path determination,
and personally I would go for the dynamic allocation. :-)