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Re: TelePathy

Sorry. This may sound like a stupid idea because I have not been working on
Linux very long and I have not yet looked at the source for xwpe at all, but...
Should'n't  the path be malloc'ed and grown and shrunck as needed by the "File
manager" dialog. I am sure there is a reason that it it not, but that is what I
would do on anything using a path of unknown length. If one day I get five
minutes I promist I will do my part and take a look at that.

On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, you wrote:
> As mentioned by Brian the About option is avaible on the # menu.  I didn't
> realize the code had such a low arbitrary limit to path lengths.
> (Actually I probably did at one point but forgot.)  Anyway included in
> this message is a patch that will hopefully help you out.
> It is still not the "right" solution since it uses _POSIX_PATH_MAX which
> is 255 and the lowest posible path max for posix systems.  (Shouldn't
> that be MIN then?  Yeah someone should wack the posix people on the head.)
> Getting the true PATH_MAX must be done at runtime and therefore prevents
> it's use as an array size.
> This is my first attempt to attach a file under the newer elm.  Let me know
> if it is preferable to just paste the patch files into my text messages.

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